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Offering Couples Counseling Mindy Berry Counseling Colorado


In relationships, it is not uncommon to encounter challenges as we evolve and progress through life. Seeking professional guidance and support can help us quickly regain a happier and more stable state.


Relationship therapy can address various issues such as:

  • Lack of emotional or physical connection

  • Infidelity or betrayal

  • Struggles with a sibling or parental relationships

  • Difficulty communicating effectively with your partner

  • Sexual issues or concerns that require Sex Therapy

  • Experiencing jealousy or insecurity in the relationship

  • Premarital concerns and preparation

  • Counseling for separating or ending a marriage/relationship

  • Challenges with in-laws or extended family

  • Disagreements over household responsibilities and labor division

  • Financial conflicts and disagreements

  • Parenting differences and parenting styles

  • Infertility or difficulties in growing your family

  • Life transition issues such as moving, job changes, or loss of a loved one.


Please don't hesitate to seek support if you're experiencing any of these difficulties in your relationship.

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